‘Quinneys’ – Dealing with Authenticity

Dealing with Authenticity – The Bowes Museum Sunday 29th March 2020 – 11.00am – 3.00pm. Jubilee Room, The Bowes Museum.

Associated with the restaging of ‘Quinneys’ we are running a half-day participatory workshop titled ‘Dealing with Authenticity’ at The Bowes Museum on the day following the staging of the play (Sunday 29th March 2020).

The participatory workshop is part of the public engagement strategy to further embed research impact of the Antique Dealer project.  It will be an opportunity for interdisciplinary analysis and engagement and will be facilitated by Professor Jonathan Pitches, a leading academic in Theatre Performance from the University of Leeds. The workshop will allow participants to engage with, to discuss and debate, the issues raised in the restaging of Quinneys’.  It will also be an opportunity for the student actors to re-engage with the authenticity of performance.

These interdisciplinary engagements will allow us to further explore the presentation of the identity of the antique dealer that is foregrounded in the play Quinneys. The workshop will explore the notion of ‘authenticity’ through a number of inter-related lenses – including: Authenticity of Character (of the antique dealer); Authenticity of Objects; Authenticity of Actor Performance.

Do email us at antiquedealers@leeds.ac.uk for applications for participation in the workshop – we have limited numbers (50), but there is a FREE lunch as part of the workshop – ALL ARE WELCOME!