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Quinneys - part of the Year of the Dealer project

Antique Dealers Project

A special theatre performance of the now little known, but important stage-play ‘Quinneys’ (1915, The Haymarket, London) at The Witham (Barnard Castle) for one public performance on 28th March 2020. The performance will take place at 7.30pm; a drinks reception will be held from 6.30pm. Re-staging Quinneys' is part of an AHRC funded Impact and Engagement project; a small charge of £5.00 will be made to support The Witham theatre. You can book tickets here:

The subject of the play is fictional antique dealer Joseph Quinney and his activities as a dealer in the early 20th century. The character of Joseph Quinney is based on a real antique dealer called Thomas Rohan (1860-1940) and offers a strategic opportunity to address key tropes in the history of antique dealers such as the relationships between antique dealers and fakes and forgeries (the notion of authenticity) and the relationships between art and money.