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Antique Dealers Blog

The blog holds news and articles about Antique Dealers Research dating back to 2013

Year of the Dealer

SOLD! The Year of the Dealer: Antique Dealers, Art Markets and Museums

Interactive Website

A website which uses maps to trace dealers and objects back in time

Where is it Now?

This project seeks to find out what has happened to the antique objects from the archives

Oral Histories

"Voices from the Trade" is our growing list of oral history interviews with members of the antiques trade

Antique Dealers Archives

We host a unique set of art and antique dealer archives, held at the Brotherton Library Special Collections.

SOLD! The Great British Antiques Story

SOLD!, was the first exhibition of its kind in a public museum and directed renewed attention to the history of museum objects.

Antique Dealers Project

Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century, a cultural geography

Antique Dealers: Buying, Selling and Collecting

‘Antique Dealers: Buying, Selling and Collecting’ was a temporary exhibition staged at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at the University of Leeds