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Oral Histories

Welcome to the Antique Dealers Project ‘Voices from the Trade’ Oral History Pages. Here you can listen to our growing list of oral history interviews with members of the antiques trade. You will soon be able to click and listen to our fascinating interviewees, which are lodged in the project archives at the University of Leeds, and which vary in length from 40 minutes to over 2 hours. The edited audio clips and files, together with short and edited full transcriptions of the interviews, will be available soon – do keep an eye on project ‘News’ and the project ‘Blog’.

Our initial Project Co-Investigator, Dr Eleanor Quince, has composed a brief overview of some of the Oral History Interviews we had conducted up to 2016. Eleanor’s essay mapped out the rationale for our Oral History interview objectives, and also provides an insight into some of the key themes that have emerged through our Oral History research - read Eleanor's 'Voices from the Trade' essay here

BADA VOICES - we are very grateful to the British Antiques Dealers' Association for their support on an extension to the Oral Histories project. The BADA facilitated the capturing 13 interviews between 2016 and 2018, focused on the membership of the BADA. The first of the BADA Voices interviews, with Peter Francis Cheek, took place in June 2016 (see below). BADA Voices interviews have the BADA logo associated with them (see below).

LAPADA VOICES - we are also very grateful to LAPADA, The Art & Antiques Dealers Association for their support on a new  extension to the Oral Histories project.  LAPADA have facilitated the capturing of another series of interviews, starting in 2019, focused on the membership of LAPADA.  The first of these new LAPADA VOICES interviews, with Melvin and Shiela Haughey, of Haughey Antiques, Kirkby Stephen, took place in July 2019 (see below).  LAPADA Voices interviews have the LAPADA logo associated with them (see below).

Latest NEWS - latest interviews LIVE on the website:

Peter Francis Cheek

David Fileman

Gary Baxter

Philip Astley-Jones

Kathleen Skin

Jerome Phillips

Philip Andrade

of Philip Andrade Antiques, Devon, established in 1972 &  Reg & Muriel Andrade Antiques, established c.1929.

Harry Apter

of Apter-Fredericks, London, established 1946.

Philip Astley-Jones

of Roger Warner Antiques, Burford, established 1936.

Gary Baxter

of H.C. Baxter & Sons, London, established 1927.

Bill Beaton

of Walter Beaton Antiques, Dundee, established 1930.

Martin Beazor

of John Beazor & Sons Antiques, Cambridge, established 1875.

Daniel Bexfield

of Daniel Bexfield Antique Silver Limited, London, established 1980.

John Bly

of John Bly Antiques, Tring & London, established 1891.

Andrew Burne

of W.G.T. Burne (Antique Glass) Limited, London, established 1936.

Robin Butler

of Robin Butler Antiques, Honiton, established 1963.

Lennox Cato

of Lennox Cato Antiques, Edenbridge, established 1978.

Peter Francis Cheek

of Peter Francis, established 1949.

Christopher Claxton Stevens

of Norman Adams, London, established 1923.

Tim Corfield

of Corfield of Lymington, established 1966.

Mark Dodgson

of The British Antique Dealers' Association London, established 1918.

Stephen Ferder

of Lita Kaye Antiques, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, established 1952.

David Fileman

of Fileman Antiques, Steyning, established in Brighton in the 1890s.

Georgina Gough

of R.A. Lee, London, established 1949.

Jonathan Harris

of Phillips & Harris, London, established 1967.

Melvin & Shiela Haughey

of Haughey Antiques, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, established 1969

John Hill

of Jeremy Limited , London, established 1946.

Dominic Jellinek

of Bluett & Son, London, established 1884.

Andrew Jenkins

of Avon Antiques, Bradford-on-Avon, established 1963.

Christian Jussel

of Vernay & Jussel, London & New York, established 1906.

Robin Kern

of Hotspur, London, established 1924.

Martin Levy

of H. Blairman & Sons, London, established 1884.

David Love

of David Love Antiques Limited, established 1969

Tony and Mary Lumb

of Charles Lumb & Sons, Harrogate, established 1907.

Jackie Mann

of Harry Kenyon, Chester, established c.1910 & M. Turpin, London, established c.1949.

Felicity Marno & Antonia Agnew

of Stockspring Antiques, London, established c.1980

Mike Melody

of Mike Melody Antiques, Cheshire, established in 1977.

John Morris

of John G. Morris Ltd, established 1963, and M. Harris & Sons, established 1868

Frank Partridge

of Frank Partridge & Sons, London, established c.1905

Christopher Payne

of Wylton Antiques, Melton Mowbray, established c.1950

Michael Pick

of Stair & Co established 1911, and Partridge Fine Art PLC established c.1905

Jerome Phillips

of Phillips of Hitchin Antiques, established 1884.

Louise Phillips

of Elaine Phillips Antiques, Harrogate, established c.1965.

Leon Sassoon

of C. John, London, established 1933.

Kathleen Skin

of Portobello Road, London, established c.1950.

Peta Smyth & Kate Thurlow

of Peta Smyth Antique Textiles, London, established 1976, and Gallery Forty One, London, established c.1980.

Nicholas Somers

of Moss Harris & Sons, London, established 1868, and Somers at the Sign of the Chair, Worcester, established 1971.

Simon Spero

of Simon Spero Antiques, and China Choice,, London, established 1964.

Lanto Synge

of Mallett & Sons, London, established 1865.

Antoine de Vermoutier

of Jellinek & Vermoutier (est. 1962), Cottage Antiques (est. 1970), and Vermoutier & Banks, London (est. c.1972)