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Felicity Marno & Antonia Agnew


Felicity Marno & Antonia Agnew of Stockspring Antiques, London, established c.1980

A conversation between Felicity Marno & Antonia Agnew and project Lead Mark Westgarth.

Felicity and Antonia began trading in antique ceramics in the early 1980s, before establishing Stockspring Antiques in Kensington Church Street in 1987. In this engaging interview, packed with fascinating detail about the world of antique ceramics, Felicity and Antonia reflect on a wide range of topics from the expansion of the USA Decorator market in the 1980s and its decline c.2000, to the psychology of collecting.   From their respective beginnings in the trade - Felicity at Gray Antiques Centre in London, and Antonia at Portobello Road - they developed one of the most significant antique porcelain dealerships in Britain, settling in Kensington Church Street in the 1980s - as Antonia recalled, the location had so many high profile antique ceramic dealerships that it came to be known in the trade as 'Crocky Alley'.

Photograph courtesy of Stockspring Antiques. Copyright Stockspring Antiques.