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Andrew Burne


Andrew Burne of W.G.T. Burne (Antique Glass) Limited, London, established 1936.

A conversation between Andrew Burne and project volunteer Chris Coles.

Andrew Burne told us about the early history of W.G.T. Burne – his father initially worked for the well-known specialist glass dealer, and author, Arthur Churchill, before setting up on his own in 1936. Andrew also shared his memories of other specialist glass dealers, including Delomosne and Maureen Thompson.

There were also fascinating stories about buying trips taken with his father, and the early morning starts to buy in the antique markets at Bermondsey and Portobello in London, as well as an occasion when the actor and singer Dean Martin came into the shop. W.G.T. Burne sold many things to major collectors and museums, and also sold chandeliers to The White House and Buckingham Palace.

Photograph, Antique Dealer project, University of Leeds, 2014.