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Gary Baxter

Gary Baxter of H.C. Baxter & Sons, London, established 1927.

Gary Baxter 2015A conversation between Gary Baxter and project lead Mark Westgarth.

Gary John Baxter is the grandson of Horace, Claude, Montague, Victor, John, Baxter, who established the famous antique furniture dealers H.C. Baxter & Sons in London in 1927. The business was initially a partnership between Horace's sister, Maude (Mrs Maude Chalmers as she became) and Horace, trading as 'Chalmers & Baxter' at 193 Fulham Road. The business was continued by Gary's father, Terence Baxter, and his uncle, Roy Baxter, before Gary joined the business aged 17 in 1978.

In an extraordinarily detailed interview (Gary should have been an historian!) Gary tells us about the early history of H.C. Baxter & Sons - how his grandfather used to gather old furniture on a cart around Clapham in South London, from their first shop in Northcote Road, Clapham, to H. C. Baxter & Sons becoming one of the most important trade suppliers of antique furniture in Britain.

You can listen to our interview with Gary Baxter below.