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Tim Corfield

Tim Corfield

Tim Corfield of Corfield of Lymington, established 1966.

A conversation between Tim Corfield and project lead Mark Westgarth.

Tim joined the family antique business of Corfield of Lymington, Hampshire, in 1984, which had been established by his parents in 1966.

Tim tells us about his salesman father setting up the business following a career in the army, after working for Bibby's, the agricultural food company and then as a leading salesman for an American company in the UK. In this very detailed interview, Tim reflects on his own route into the antique trade, the history of Corfield of Lymington, and the antique trade post World War II, as well as the changes in the trade that led to the establishment of Corfield Morris Limited, Tim's new venture as an art and antiques agent.

Photograph courtesy of Tim Corfield