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Simon Spero

Simon Spero

Simon Spero of Simon Spero Antiques, and China Choice,, London, established 1964.

A conversation between Simon Spero and project volunteer Chris Coles.

An intriguing interview with the leading specialist ceramics dealer/scholar/collector Simon Spero, who began his dealing career in the early 1960s. Simon tells us about his early memories of collecting, and his recollections of other leading antique ceramic specialist dealers, such as Reg Andrade, Arthur Filkins and Robert Williams, as well as his dealings with leading collectors in both the UK and USA. Simon also tells us about some of the auctions of significant collections over the years, including those of the ceramics scholar and collector Bernard Watney, sold in 1999 and 2000, and has reflections on some earlier auctions, such as that of Frank Arnold, sold in 1964 and 1965. There are also Simon's observations on curatorship and museums, as well as his own work as a dealer-scholar and his publications on 18th century English ceramic factories.

Photograph courtesy of Simon Spero.