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Lanto Synge

Lanto Synge of Mallett & Sons, London, established 1865.

A conversation between Lanto Synge and Project Lead Volunteer Chris Coles. This interview is the eighth interview in an extension to the Oral Histories project, called 'BADA Voices', and which is supported by the British Antique Dealers' Association.

Lanto joined the world-renowned English Furniture dealers Mallett & Sons in 1969, staying at the firm for almost 40 years and eventually rising through the ranks to become Chief Executive of the firm in 1997. In this fascinating interview Lanto outlines the history of Mallett & Sons and his reflections on the changes in the antiques business since the 1960s.  Lanto recalls memories of the various individuals associated with the firm, as well as some memories of key members of the antique trade.

Lanto is well-known as a leading expert and author on the subject of antique textiles and tapestries and the interview reveals this deep interest and enthusiasm.  Lanto also reflects on the recent changes in the antique trade and offers some thoughts on the future development of the trade.  This is another of our fascinating interviews with one of the key individuals in the history of the antique trade in Britain.

Photograph courtesy of Lanto Synge.