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Who are they? The BADA Dinner 1953

As part of the research project we are trying to identify the antique dealers in this British Antique Dealers' Association (BADA) annual dinner from 22nd March 1953. The photograph of the BADA dinner is below (thanks to the BADA), which we had added a numbering system next to each individual in the photograph.

If you spot anyone you know, please do let us know - email us - - we will also acknowledge you in the final version of the photograph when we have enough names. The names suggested, so far are below, with the name of the proposer in brackets.  Thanks to everyone who has suggested a name so far!

1 – Morton Lee Morton Henry Lee (Georgina Gough)

19 – Joseph Blanchard J.W. Blanchard (Orlando Harris)

31 – Henry Rubin Pelham Galleries (Georgina Gough)

35 – William Redford William Redford (Georgina Gough)

36 – Tom Starling Harrods (Georgina Gough)

37 – Gladys Lee wife of Morton Lee (Georgina Gough)

39 – Ronald A. Lee R.A. Lee (Georgina Gough)

41 – John Partridge Frank Partridge & Sons (Georgina Gough)

55 – John Beazor John Beazor & Sons (Martin Beazor)

56 – Mrs John Beazor wife of John Beazor (Martin Beazor)

57 – John (‘Johnny’) Fredericks C. Fredericks & Son (Martin Beazor)

58 – Gladys Fredericks wife of John Fredericks (Martin Beazor)

63 – David Seligman Gered Antiques (Daniel Mankowitz)

72 – Betty Lee wife of R.A. Lee (Georgina Gough)

73 – Claude Partridge Frank Partridge & Sons (Georgina Gough)

74 – Harold Leger Leger Galleries (James Millard)

87 – ?Ernest Rubin Pelham Galleries (Martin Beazor)

89 – Frank Collins Collins & Clarke (Martin Beazor)

90 – Mrs Frank Collins wife of Frank Collins (Martin Beazor)

97 – Mrs Joe de Haan wife of Joe de Haan (Martin Beazor)

98 – Joe de Haan J. de Haan & Son (James Millard & Martin Beazor)

106 – Amy Oakes Wife of James Oakes (John Hudson)

109 – ? Norton S. J Phillips (James Millard)

118 – John Sabin Frank Sabin (James Millard)

Here are some close up extracts from the photograph, so you can see the faces and numbers a bit better: