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Dominic Jellinek

Dominic Jellinek

Dominic Jellinek of Bluett & Son, London, established 1884.

A conversation between Dominic Jellinek and project lead Mark Westgarth.

Dominic joined the world famous Chinese Works of Art Dealers Bluett & Sons in 1978, and stayed with the firm until it closed in the mid 1990s.

In this wonderfully detailed interview Dominic tells us the history of Bluett & Sons, from their beginnings in Oxford Street, London, in the late 19th century to their shop in Davies Street, London.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge of the Bluett archive (part of which is pictured here, right, with Dominic), Dominic reflects on the role of major collectors and dealers of Chinese Works of Art in the 20th century, including the key role Captain Collins in the importation of Chinese ceramics into Britain in the early 20th century.

Photograph, Antique Dealer project, University of Leeds, 2015.