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Bill Beaton


Bill Beaton of Walter Beaton Antiques, Dundee, established 1930.

A conversation between Bill Beaton and project lead Mark Westgarth.

Bill Beaton is in his 80s and retired from antique dealing about 25 years ago. He started his antique dealing activities with his father, Walter Beaton, in about 1946 just after WWII, at his father’s shop at 37 Albert Square, Dundee.  Walter had opened his shop in c.1930, following 10 years working for an antique dealer in Dundee named Norries, and Bill continued the business in Dundee until his father retired in 1963, when Bill took over and subsequently moved the shop to Perth in 1970.

Photo c.1965. Copyright Perthshire Advertiser. Courtesy of Bill Beaton. Bill Beaton (right) with Henry Fothringham.